Helpful documents to obtain

Help your employment lawyer by providing helpful documents about your job

Collect and save the following documents, and then provide them to your lawyer:

  • A “Cast of Characters.” This is a list that identifies the individuals involved in your case, with background information about them. The list can have three columns. The first column can indicate the “character’s” name, title, and contact information. The second column can indicate what role the “character” played in your unlawful treatment or what information the “character” possesses. The third column can indicate whether you believe the “character” would make a good, bad, or neutral witness, and why.
  • A Chronology. This should briefly outline your career with the employer (e.g., hire date, promotions, raises, performance evaluation ratings) and explain in detail the events giving rise to the potential claim.
  • Employment contract.
  • Offer letter.
  • Your resume.
  • Employment application.
  • The employer’s employee handbook or manual.
  • A copy of your personnel file. You have a legal right to access of employer personnel files.
  • Arbitration Agreement.
  • Any contemporaneously prepared documents (e.g., a diary or calendar entries) that you may have that corroborate the wrongful conduct.
  • Performance reviews or appraisals.