Verdicts & Settlements Final Preview

RESULT DATE: Sept. 29, 2016
Hector Garcia v. Republic Bag Inc., Stephen Schroeder (MCC1400946)
Hon. John W. Vineyard
Riverside Superior

TOPIC: Employment Law
SUB TOPIC: Wrongful Termination
FURTHER DESCRIPTION: Age and National Origin Discrimination

VERDICT: $2,346,548

Plaintiff – David R. Denis (Law Offices of David R. Denis P.C., Los Angeles).
Defendant – Robert J. Kane, Peter L. Wucetich, Shane P. Criqui (Stuart Kane LLP,Newport Beach).

Plaintiff, Plaintiff – Anthony Reading, Ph.D., psychology, Beverly Hills.

Plaintiff – Timothy Lanning, Ph.D., economics, Santa Ana.

FACTS: Plaintiff Hector Garcia’s filed suit against his former employer, defendant Republic Bag Inc. and his direct supervisor, defendant Stephen Schroeder, claiming discrimination.
PLAINTIFF’S CONTENTIONS: Plaintiff, the former vice president of manufacturing and 37-year-employee of Republic Bag alleged claims for illegal discrimination on the basis of age and national origin, harassment on the basis of age and national origin, failure to prevent discrimination and harassment, and wrongful termination in violation of public policy. Hector Garcia, who is of Mexican national origin, was 55 years old when he was wrongfully terminated. He alleged that he has suffered monetary and severe emotional distress damages.
DEFENDANT’S CONTENTIONS: Republic Bag and Stephen Schroeder denied all of plaintiff’s allegations, denied terminating plaintiff. Republic Bag also denied that it caused plaintiff damages, and it contested the amount of plaintiff’s claimed damages.

SPECIALS IN EVIDENCE: LOE: $279,617 Future LOE: $661,098

JURY TRIAL: Length, four weeks; Deliberation, three days

SETTLEMENT DISCUSSIONS: Defendants made a CCP 998 offer of $1,500 and before trial an offer of $10,000, which was rejected by plaintiff.
RESULT: The jury found discrimination based on age and that plaintiff’s age was substantial motivating reason for defendants’ adverse employment action against plaintiff. The jury also found harassment based on age and/or national origin against all defendants. The jury found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded him a total of $2,346,548, which consisted of $2,324,048 from Republic Bag, and $22,500 from Schroeder. The jury found for plaintiff in the punitive damages phase, but at Phase II awarded no money for punitive damages.



(June 2016)

I was in a state of distraught after my wrongful termination.  I had conflicting feelings on how to carry on my life after working for a company for over a decade from which I thought I’d retire.

David earned my trust shortly after contacting him and carried me through an extremely difficult situation while I was in this traumatic state. David is personable, professional, and compassionate, as is his staff.  His legal expertise was key and evident in his ability to hone in on all aspects of my legal plight. [He was my knight in shinning amour]

David and his warm staff fought hard for justice to be done.  I have benefitted from their expertise, compassion, professionalism, and of course their fight in the courtroom.  I am happy to recommend him to anyone.


Beatrice L.

(May 2016)

After being wrongfully terminated from my job of two years, I decided to search for an attorney using an attorney search service. After being contacted by several attorney’s I chose to go with David Denis, who had tremendous reviews that were all 5 stars, including Best Attorney and Best of L.A honors. During the entire process after hiring David Denis as my lawyer, the staff was always professional and dressed professionally. The office is very clean and organized, Robert and Ken, who worked on my case always kept me informed with the status through emails and phone calls that made me feel at ease. My case settled and the numbers were great at mediation, getting more than I expected. I would recommend David Denis to friends, family and strangers seeking legal counsel. They’re a great law firm if you need the best out of your case without the stress.

Kennedy L.

(April 2016)

I met David Denis and his Law Firm are Extreme Justice. A few years ago. I was terminated by my employer. I could not find a job and started looking for legal advice by Googling and searching on the internet, reading about many lawyers and reviews on different attorneys and firms. After speaking with lawyers, I found David Denis and his law firm Extreme Justice. I was intrigued by all his good reviews so I called and set up an appointment. After about 20 minutes in an interview with his Paralegal assistant, I met David Denis, and soon after could understand why he had such good reviews. He gave me hope where I had none. I could tell that he was very knowledgeable and a very good attorney. He cared about what happened to me. I wanted to hire them to represent me. So, they agreed. The whole team are all very professional and were there for and with me every step of the way. That is why, I extremely recommend them to anyone and everyone. You are in good hands with David Denis and his Extreme Justice team. Thank you everyone at Extreme Justice.

Alberto R.

(November 2015)

“The Game Changers”

Finding a reputable employment law attorney in Los Angeles was more difficult than I ever imagined. I had never filed a lawsuit before and there were hundreds of attorneys to choose from. I didn’t know where to begin or for that matter who to trust. My particular situation had already been mishandled by several other attorneys by the time I crossed paths with Mr. Denis, his partner Mr. Kearns and their remarkable staff last year.

It was Mr. Denis whom I met with last year. Denis was incredibly down to earth and genuine. There was no phoniness in his approach and he immediately put me at ease. His carefully chosen staff was always available and remained in constant communication with me during the course of my lawsuit.

Mr. Kearns is like an NFL football coach. Kearns knows what he is doing and gets right to the point. I like that. He gave me great hope and never let me down.

Their firm is known as Extreme Justice. Mr. Denis is justice and Mr. Kearns is extreme. Together they create a powerhouse duo that does what other attorneys don’t do: they call you back and they keep their word. Denis and Kearns are with you every step of the way and speak to you directly with respect and efficiency. They understand the dynamics of the cases they chose to take on and keep their clients informed.

Litigation can be, among other things, quite emotional. Denis and Kearns are sympathetic to the circumstances surrounding their client’s legal situations and are patient, practical and above all knowledgeable. Together they defend their clients and achieve what most clients are seeking: peace of mind, closure and justice.

They were game changers for me and changed my life. Make the choice. Make the call.

Vincent A. Estrada

Monterey Park, California

Vincent E.

(October 2015)

I would like to say that David R. Denis, and his Extreme- Justice Team is awesome! They took on my case when no one else would. Everyone was scared of the 900 pound gorilla of a few problems in my case, but not David Denis. He said it would not be easy. He had no problem with the challenge. My case was settled in less than six months for more than I was expecting. They are the best employment firm in my opinion and I spoke to several employment lawyers. You should feel totally confident in selecting the Extreme-Justice team and David Denis to fight your employment case. Sincerely Tim Roderick

T. Roderick

(September 2015)

The Law Office of David R. Denis has done a great deal guiding me in the right direction. Working with this firm has been a very successful journey to justice that’s well deserved. They are well-versed in workplace discrimination and harassment. They know everything about wrongful termination.

David R. Denis and Timothy E. Kearns understand the emotional and financial challenges that their clients face during difficult times. This firm has worked 100% to achieve fantastic resolutions for every client, and I know some of the clients that they have handled. They achieved a very successful result for me and my family. I could not be more happier for what they have done for me. Their knowledgeable legal counsel will guide you through any employment law case with aggressiveness representation, hard work, and professionalism. They will get you the best result. I definitely recommend this firm and know you would get the best results on your case.

Kathy V.

(August 2015)

When I was injured at work, management’s response was termination of my employment after 4 years of me being a loyal employee. This lack of respect motivated me to secure the services of David Denis. Mr. Denis, and his colleague, Mr. Tim Kearns, immediately began focusing on pursuing justice for me with unprecedented precision. From the very beginning, his team was eventless on righting an illegal wrong. The professional execution of this team was nothing I had ever seen before. The support staff of this firm, Mr. Ken Youngman, and Ms. Virginia Ksadzhikyan, both ensured that I was well informed of the progress of my case every step of the way. With Mr. Denis and Mr. Kearns on the front lines, I knew that the professionalism and genuine concern for me and my case was a real and honest sense of security that I embraced. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to Mr. Denis and his entire team. If anyone finds themselves in the same predicament I was in, I would absolutely recommend securing the services of the Law Office of David R. Denis. They are world class attorneys who genuinely care about their clients.

R. Garberg

(over one year ago)

I worked for 10 years in the same place for a college, and I was discriminated because of my disability. I was very depressed, I felt like I was good for nothing. Having attorney David R. Denis as my attorney for my case gave me hope in my life. They were not only lawyers, they were my friends, and they supported me throughout my case. Their work was exceptional. They were always available, always on top of everything I needed. His staff was very good. I’m so grateful with them for giving me back stability in my life. They are simply the best at what they do. I got a great settlement and now I am able to repair my life and my family’s life.

Thank you for all the help you gave me and my family, I will always be grateful to you. I would recommend them to anyone who believes they were discriminated against at their job. Trust me, you will be in good hands with attorney David Denis’s law firm.

Rosaura G.

(over a year ago)

It would be impossible to place in to words anything that comes close to my gratitude and appreciation for all the Law Office of David R. Denis, P.C. efforts, on my behalf. And I would be remiss in not mentioning the rest of their dedicated staff for their dedication and hard work for me. I had a series of issues at my work related to my age, which led to me being terminated. I approached engaging a lawyer with trepidation. Legal matters are like medical matters, best left to professionals. Having no past experience with this, I feel extremely fortunate to have found the services of David Denis and his staff. Their dedication to my cause was exceeded only by their professional expertise. And it goes further than that. With his group, I found not only professional support but emotional support as well. Step by step, I was kept informed of the progress, elicited for my knowledge and kept abreast of my case’s status. All of their efforts and dedication led to my complete confidence in their endeavors but I found out something even more important. I was treated, not just as a client but as a partner and eventually I found friendship in the support, dedication, expertise and kindness extended to me. As for the money, I am now 69 years young and now able to do things in my life that I only dreamed that I would be able to do. I received more money than I thought that I would get for my case. I am very happy and would definitely recommend the Law office of David R. Denis, P.C. in any work issue and especially if you feel you were illegally terminated.

Barry Y.

(over a year ago)

Words are inadequate to express my absolute appreciation to the Law Office of David R. Denis, P.C. – Extreme Justice, for handing my wrongful termination case.

Choosing the right attorney to represent you is as important as selecting a doctor when you are sick. David and his team were very responsive Via emails and phone, to any questions or concerns I had. David and Tim reassured me and set my mind at ease. They made the experience completely stress free. They always had time to listen to my concerns and always found the way to make me feel better. I could not have gotten though the process without their emotional and legal support. David and his staff were so professional and efficient. I was very pleased on how David and Tim conducted my defense deposition – they really know their stuff.

My case became very difficult, we were up against a good defense law firm. However,

David came out swinging and lead my case to extreme justice. This law firm is great and has a professional team with understanding leadership and talented professionals that only goes for victory and extreme justice.

My mission statement for this law firm, and I witnessed it with my own two eyes!!!

They: Opens new doors in people’s lives,


Loyalty and Fairness,

Understanding and Very Aggressive,

Victory and Extreme Justice for employees.

Thank you David for my extreme justice!!!!! *:) happy

Mike G.