(over a year ago)

It would be impossible to place in to words anything that comes close to my gratitude and appreciation for all the Law Office of David R. Denis, P.C. efforts, on my behalf. And I would be remiss in not mentioning the rest of their dedicated staff for their dedication and hard work for me. I had a series of issues at my work related to my age, which led to me being terminated. I approached engaging a lawyer with trepidation. Legal matters are like medical matters, best left to professionals. Having no past experience with this, I feel extremely fortunate to have found the services of David Denis and his staff. Their dedication to my cause was exceeded only by their professional expertise. And it goes further than that. With his group, I found not only professional support but emotional support as well. Step by step, I was kept informed of the progress, elicited for my knowledge and kept abreast of my case’s status. All of their efforts and dedication led to my complete confidence in their endeavors but I found out something even more important. I was treated, not just as a client but as a partner and eventually I found friendship in the support, dedication, expertise and kindness extended to me. As for the money, I am now 69 years young and now able to do things in my life that I only dreamed that I would be able to do. I received more money than I thought that I would get for my case. I am very happy and would definitely recommend the Law office of David R. Denis, P.C. in any work issue and especially if you feel you were illegally terminated.

Barry Y.