(over one year ago)

An attorney that actually returns phone calls & emails! – Let me start off by saying publicly, THANK YOU very much Mr. Denis, for everything you have done for me and my family.

I was employed with a company for a number of years, but was new to the department that I transfered in to. After several months of having good reviews by my supervisors and liked by other employees, I was terminated from my position for “poor attitude.” I was a union member, and immediately, the union stated they would put a grievance and fight for my job.

After several months of getting the “run around” from my union, I felt I needed some legal advise to help “motivate” the union. For several weeks, I began calling around different law firms and no one would take my case. Until that one day in late December of ’09, when I received a phone call from Mr. Denis’ office stating that Mr. Denis wanted to have an in-person interview to fully hear my case. I jumped at the opportunity, and my wife and I had our interview with him a few days later.

I discussed the discrimination and name calling I was going through. How supervisors would “turn a blind eye” on safety issues regarding other employees, which were the concerns that I brought up to my employer. Mr. Denis could not believe what I was going through, and yet, the harassment continued from my employer.

Mr. Denis agreed to take my case, and as we left his downtown LA office, his words to my wife and I were, “Don’t worry, 2010 is going to be a great year for you both. I promise.”

From that point forward, I kept in touch with Mr. Denis when ever I heard from the union or the company. Every email or phone call I made to Mr. Denis’ office, he personally, or his staff, returned my calls & emails. Here I thought, “A little client like me, is getting the respect and attention from his attorney just as though I was paying him major money like a celebrity.” But in-fact, Mr. Denis would return calls and do everything he could possibly do, simply by being paid via “Contingency.”

Mr. Denis gathered all his information that he would need for a potential law suit, without, getting involved with the union. He wanted to make sure he let the union do what ever they can, to get me back to work.

Months & months went by with little, to NO, information from the union. One day, the union called and said that an arbitration hearing was set for May 2011!!! I could not believe how far into the next year, the meeting was to be held, and my unemployment benefits were guaranteed to run out in January.

Mr. Denis felt this was a good time to “move in” and really get things going since we both felt the union wasn’t doing the best job they could.

Mr. Denis did serve my previous employer with a law suit, and within 2 months, I was back to work!!! Not a different position, not taking a pay cut, not being given a little pay check to keep me quiet, BUT, I was going back to my previous position AND was being given a very nice check that the company agreed to pay me for time & suffering.

When it was determined that I was going back to work, Mr. Denis was now determined to get me those “nice” pay checks from the company just in time for Xmas!

Not only did Mr. Denis keep his promise to me of 2010 being a “great” year, he also delivered on making sure I received my settlement checks just in time for Xmas!

I am now back to work, and making very good money with excellent health care benefits, just like w it should have been, before I was terminated.

I am convinced that if it wasn’t for Mr. Denis and his firm, I would still be unemployed to this day, depressed, and my family struggling to make ends meet. I can’t thank Mr. Denis enough for all that he has done for my family and me. Any future positions that I may obtain is also in thanks to Mr. Denis, because without THIS position, future positions will not be possible.

I am in debt to Mr. Denis and his firm.

Thank you.