(September 2015)

The Law Office of David R. Denis has done a great deal guiding me in the right direction. Working with this firm has been a very successful journey to justice that’s well deserved. They are well-versed in workplace discrimination and harassment. They know everything about wrongful termination.

David R. Denis and Timothy E. Kearns understand the emotional and financial challenges that their clients face during difficult times. This firm has worked 100% to achieve fantastic resolutions for every client, and I know some of the clients that they have handled. They achieved a very successful result for me and my family. I could not be more happier for what they have done for me. Their knowledgeable legal counsel will guide you through any employment law case with aggressiveness representation, hard work, and professionalism. They will get you the best result. I definitely recommend this firm and know you would get the best results on your case.

Kathy V.