(over a year ago)

Words are inadequate to express my absolute appreciation to the Law Office of David R. Denis, P.C. – Extreme Justice, for handing my wrongful termination case.

Choosing the right attorney to represent you is as important as selecting a doctor when you are sick. David and his team were very responsive Via emails and phone, to any questions or concerns I had. David and Tim reassured me and set my mind at ease. They made the experience completely stress free. They always had time to listen to my concerns and always found the way to make me feel better. I could not have gotten though the process without their emotional and legal support. David and his staff were so professional and efficient. I was very pleased on how David and Tim conducted my defense deposition – they really know their stuff.

My case became very difficult, we were up against a good defense law firm. However,

David came out swinging and lead my case to extreme justice. This law firm is great and has a professional team with understanding leadership and talented professionals that only goes for victory and extreme justice.

My mission statement for this law firm, and I witnessed it with my own two eyes!!!

They: Opens new doors in people’s lives,


Loyalty and Fairness,

Understanding and Very Aggressive,

Victory and Extreme Justice for employees.

Thank you David for my extreme justice!!!!! *:) happy

Mike G.