(August 2015)

When I was injured at work, management’s response was termination of my employment after 4 years of me being a loyal employee. This lack of respect motivated me to secure the services of David Denis. Mr. Denis, and his colleague, Mr. Tim Kearns, immediately began focusing on pursuing justice for me with unprecedented precision. From the very beginning, his team was eventless on righting an illegal wrong. The professional execution of this team was nothing I had ever seen before. The support staff of this firm, Mr. Ken Youngman, and Ms. Virginia Ksadzhikyan, both ensured that I was well informed of the progress of my case every step of the way. With Mr. Denis and Mr. Kearns on the front lines, I knew that the professionalism and genuine concern for me and my case was a real and honest sense of security that I embraced. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to Mr. Denis and his entire team. If anyone finds themselves in the same predicament I was in, I would absolutely recommend securing the services of the Law Office of David R. Denis. They are world class attorneys who genuinely care about their clients.

R. Garberg