(November 2015)

“The Game Changers”

Finding a reputable employment law attorney in Los Angeles was more difficult than I ever imagined. I had never filed a lawsuit before and there were hundreds of attorneys to choose from. I didn’t know where to begin or for that matter who to trust. My particular situation had already been mishandled by several other attorneys by the time I crossed paths with Mr. Denis, his partner Mr. Kearns and their remarkable staff last year.

It was Mr. Denis whom I met with last year. Denis was incredibly down to earth and genuine. There was no phoniness in his approach and he immediately put me at ease. His carefully chosen staff was always available and remained in constant communication with me during the course of my lawsuit.

Mr. Kearns is like an NFL football coach. Kearns knows what he is doing and gets right to the point. I like that. He gave me great hope and never let me down.

Their firm is known as Extreme Justice. Mr. Denis is justice and Mr. Kearns is extreme. Together they create a powerhouse duo that does what other attorneys don’t do: they call you back and they keep their word. Denis and Kearns are with you every step of the way and speak to you directly with respect and efficiency. They understand the dynamics of the cases they chose to take on and keep their clients informed.

Litigation can be, among other things, quite emotional. Denis and Kearns are sympathetic to the circumstances surrounding their client’s legal situations and are patient, practical and above all knowledgeable. Together they defend their clients and achieve what most clients are seeking: peace of mind, closure and justice.

They were game changers for me and changed my life. Make the choice. Make the call.

Vincent A. Estrada

Monterey Park, California

Vincent E.