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$2.5 Million Jury Verdict
Hector Garcia vs. Republic Bag, Inc.
Race and Age Discrimination Case

$1.5 Million Settlement
Disability Discrimination Case
Against a Large Water Company

$1.2 Million Settlement
Jason Migas vs. State of California
Race and Disability Discrimination Case
Against CalFire

$1 Million SettlementLos Angeles employment law attorney
Age Discrimination and Retaliation Case
Against a Large Plastic Company

$800,000 Settlement
Race Discrimination Case
Against a Nuclear/Electric Company

$550,000 Settlement
Gender Identity Discrimination case
Against a Waste Recycling Company

$500,000 Settlement
Sexual Harassment Case
Against a Manufacturing Company

$500,000 Settlement
Race and Age Discrimination Case
Against a University

$500,000 Settlement
Disability Discrimination Case
Against a Gas Trucking Company

$475,000 Settlement
Age Discrimination Case
Against a Eye Vision Company

$475,000 Settlement 
Disability Discrimination Case
Against P. Unified School District

$420,000 Settlement
Race and Age Discrimination Case
Against a Telephone Company

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Once you retain our firm, our Extreme Justice® team will examine your case, and we will do everything within our power to help you obtain extreme justice. Call now and speak to someone from our team that will help you with your employment issue at 1-888-355-2948 (888-EJLAW4U).

The Law Office of David R. Denis, P.C. is a Dedicated Group of Los Angeles employment law attorneys and legal professionals. Our Extreme Justice® team is a focused group of aggressive trial attorneys who have recovered millions of dollars for their clients and for protecting the community from unfair employment practices.

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, David R. Denis and the Extreme Justice® team are experienced, dedicated, and hardworking advocates for a limited group of clients. Mr. Denis has spent his entire legal career obtaining Extreme Justice® for his clients’ employment situations. As a Los Angeles employment law attorney he founded Extreme Justice® and has worked diligently to achieve Extreme Justice® for his clients and the safety of the community. Contact our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys at 1-888-355-2948 (888-EJLAW4U).

Since he only takes on a few cases every year, Mr. Denis and his team are known for aggressively pursuing each case and achieving excellent results quickly, which clients appreciate. Settlements range from $75,000 to over $2,000,000.00 and trial verdicts well over seven figures. Additionally, numerous Los Angeles area firms and attorneys have consulted with Mr. Denis on their most difficult and complex cases, frequently with a winning result. His trial successes as a Los Angeles employment law attorney have earned Mr. Denis an outstanding reputation with his peers. These verdicts have helped curve and often correct the many systemic harmful employment practices by large employers to their employees in the work force.

Our Employment Law Practice

Unfortunately, many people in today’s workforce experience discrimination. Discrimination occurs in various forms, from racial, gender, age, sexual orientation, and disability, to failure to accommodate, national orientation, and pregnancy. With their years of legal experience, the Los Angeles employment law attorneys at the Law Offices of David R. Denis, P.C. can assist you in solving your job discrimination problems and help you get your own extreme justice®. Our attorneys have helped countless clients recover millions of dollars, and we can help you, too.

The Extreme Justice® team at the Law Offices of David R. Denis P.C. provides clients who would otherwise not be able to afford an attorney to be able retain our services on a contingency fee basis, where the firm is only paid from the settlement or verdict.  The Law Offices of David R. Denis P.C. provides clients with a broad range of legal services in employment law to obtain the best possible results under the law. You should call now and speak with the Los Angeles employment law attorney David R. Denis to bring Extreme Justice® to your employment law case. When you contact the Extreme Justice® team, you contact a firm that has litigated hundreds of employment disputes on behalf of only Employees. You also contact employment law attorney team with over 60 years of combined experience who are experts and in the top of their field. To schedule a consultation regarding wrongful termination, retaliation or discrimination law, contact a wrongful termination lawyer at 1-888-355-2948 (888-EJLAW4U).